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Warranty Information

Warranty Information


Aerovoltz Batteries are built by hand in the USA to the highest specification available. Each Aerovoltz Battery is then run through the most stringent quality control standards and bench tested to insure that it performs as advertised. We ship each Aerovoltz Battery fully charged and ready to install. Because of our high level of quality control we offer an industry leading 3 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY.

  • Aerovoltz Battery warranty is for function only. Warranty does not cover physical damage, misuse, or improper charging. Aerovoltz is not liable for any damage to either person or personal property resulting from the use of this product. If the battery is physically damaged in any way the claim will be denied. Aerovoltz extends a warranty only to parts manufactured by Aerovoltz.
    • Conditions not covered under warranty:
      • Abuse or physical damage of any kind including damage to terminals.
      • Applications not listed on the Aerovoltz website or using this as a main power source.
      • Hard short of the terminals or BMS port.
      • Damage from emersion in liquid.
      • Cell damage as a result of being drained below 30% of capacity.
      • Over charging or damage as a result of a defective charger, charging settings or charging system. Damage from use in excess of cranking capacity.
  • The 3 Year Limited Warranty is on a pro-rated basis based on the original date of purchase.
    • 1–12 Months–Free Replacement
    • 12–24 Months–50% discount from retail
    • 24–36 Months–25% discount from retail
  • All warranty claims must be accompanied by the original receipt from your retailer in order to be eligible for a warranty claim.
  • Warranties are non-transferable and meant for the original owner only. Returns will only be accepted from the original owner.

Warranty claim batteries must be returned to Aerovoltz possession before any replacement battery can be shipped out.

  • Each Aerovoltz Battery is only eligible for one warranty replacement. Once a battery has been warranted the replacement item only holds the remainder of the warranty period of the original battery purchased.
  • All shipping charges to Aerovoltz, insurance and any damage incurred during shipping for any and all warranty claims is the customer’s responsibility. If the battery is determined to be defective, Aerovoltz will pay for return shipping of the replacement battery back to the customer (within the continental US) by ground shipping only. If the battery is found to be NOT defective, or the battery originated outside the continental US, shipping back to the customer will be at the customer’s expense.
  • Aerovoltz batteries are designed as starter batteries in Powersports or experimental vehicles. If the battery is used in sanctioned competition of any kind, abused, or used in a manner for which it was not intended the warranty is void.
  • Aerovoltz reserves the right to deny any and all claims if all conditions and terms are not met. Warranty Return Information: www.aerovoltz.net 


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