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About Us

About Us


Founded in 2008 by Steve Johnson who has a passion for just about anything that goes fast.

Steve’s background is in motorsports, he started racing motocross back in 1977 and raced consistently until 1985 and even spent a few years on the Pro AMA circuit during 1983-1985.  Due to injuries he had to get a real job and went to work for one of his primary sponsors called Wiseco Piston.   Steve continued to race for factory Yamaha in their ATV program from 1987 through 1989 while managing the Powersports and special divisions at Wiseco all the way up to 2008. 

Steve and his family moved to North Carolina in 2008 and he worked for another motorsports industry leader as their sales director and that’s when he discovered Lithium battery cells with one of the race teams he was working with at the time.

Steve instantly realized the benefits of this technology and worked to develop a line of Powersports batteries and Experimental Aircraft batteries and Aerovoltz was born! 

Steve has always had a passion for aviation. He is an EAA member of Chapter 1114 here in North Carolina.   He currently flies a Cessna 182 and an Ercoupe for those sunny days when you just want to get a different perspective on things with the windows down.

Since 2008 Steve and his engineers have worked to develop industry leading concepts, designs, applications and are the industry leader in the experimental aircraft and specialty use vehicles market.

Keeping pace with technology has always been the core philosophy of Aerovoltz and with the launch of our latest battery line Aerovoltz continues to be the leader in safety and performance with the only battery line with true resettable circuit breaker technology built into the battery management system. 

We look forward to helping you with your battery needs and hope to meet you soon at an airshow or fly-in




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